Artifact 1: Annual Report for the Teaching, Learning & Technology Center (TLTC)

Each year I collate data, write, and publish an annual report for the TLTC at SUNY Oneonta. In the past I did the same for the Callas Center for Teaching and Learning at SUNY Delhi. Below are the two preceding reports published to the campus:

2018-19 Annual Report. Created with the help of Chilton Reynolds.

2017-18 Annual Report.

Artifact 2: Strategic Business Plan for Teaching, Learning & Technology Center (TLTC)

When I arrived at SUNY Oneonta in January 2017, I was asked to redesign the strategic goals, mission, vision and business plan of the TLTC. I held stakeholder interviews across the campus, analyzed current duties with expected duties in the coming 3 years, and reviewed the campus strategic goals. Then I create a new Strategic Business Plan for the TLTC, which was vetted by governance and the Dean's council. 

Artifact 3: Gap Analysis Action Plan for Distance Education Expansion

I head up the Distance Education Advancement Committee at SUNY Oneonta. In 2014, an Institutional Readiness report was created that identified key gap areas related to supporting growing distance education enrollments. Upon my arrival,  I led the committee in analyzing that report, and in collaboration with the team, writing and creating a Gap Analysis Action Plan, which outlines key areas of development needed over the next 2 years so that online learning programs can be expanded. The Action Plan can be viewed below.

Artifact 4: Best Practices in Online Teaching and Learning Training Program

The Best Practices in Online Teaching and Learning is a 5-week training program for faculty at SUNY Oneonta wishing to teach online. I designed the program, fliers, course, syllabus, and teach the program 3x a year. Below is a flier on requirements I created for the program.

Artifact 5: OER eBook

I managed a multi-year project between 2013-1015 to compile content from a group of authors into one freely available OER eBook online that anyone could use in the training of new online faculty. In 2019 Ed Beck transfered the content from CK12 to Lumen Learning. This coming year in 2020, we will be updating a 2nd version of this OER book with the help of Ed Beck as a part of that revision project.

Artifact 6: Book Review Editor

 I am a book review editor for the Quarterly Review of Distance Education. 

Artifact 7: UAE HCT eJournal Senior Editor

I was the senior editor for two years for the HCT  UAE Journal of Educational Technology and eLearning (eJournal), a practitioner journal and platform for educators in the MENA region, and across the UAE, to share best practices in eLearning and instructional technology use. 

My duties included website maintenance and upgrades, digital access to content, collection of submissions, management of the peer-review process, and finalization of articles for publication in each issue.

During my time with the eJournal I strove to improve the access and quality of the publication. I implemented the following quality control and improvement features towards that goal: 

  1. Implemented a peer review process for all new submissions and publications.

  2. Implemented a branding and marketing process, which included working with HCT graphic designers to create a new logo, theme, template, website design, and promotional adverts and fliers.

  3. Implemented author and submission guidelines.

  4. Established policies related to content and publication quality.

  5. Expanded the editorial board and peer review base.

Artifact 8: Event Fundraiser

I have been running networking, social, and fundraising events since 2006, raising money for non-profit organizations that support educational projects in developing countries. 

​I co-founded a non-profit in Paris France to run and support good works actions and projects related to educational development.

My time working for UNESCO in Paris France made me aware of the need for expanded access to education for all. I support ICT4Dev and other educational development projects, and decided in 2010 to start a non-profit dedicated to the idea of expanding access to education.

Action4Access believes in the fundamental right for everyone to have access to educational opportunities. In particular, I seek out projects that support women's access to education in developing countries. At present we are working with two Maasai villages in Kenya, supporting some of their educational development projects.


Artifact 9: Faculty Development and Support 

At three institutions I have managed faculty development and support. That has taken the form of the following:

  • Online support groups in MOODLE or Blackboard, to create a meeting point online for faculty to connect and request support.

  • Implementation of a full professional development and training program for all career arcs, as well as online and face-to-face options. 

  • Implementation of webinar and special speaker sessions for faculty.

  • Implementation of all-day conference events for faculty.

  • Implementation of badges and professional recognition programs for faculty.